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Vision & Mission Statements

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We envision a borderless world where technology will transform human governance—From societal management by means of political rulership to societal functioning based on social administration.

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We're on a mission to develop and demonstrate the technological tools and approaches needed to transform human governance—From societal management by means of political rulership to societal functioning based on social administration.

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Humanese will be a one-world language; thereafter, humankind will in addition interact via languageless technologically aided mind-to-mind communication, resulting in an all-knowing hive mind that will be separate from individual minds: Whereby human conflicts will cease to exist, and all knowledge will belong to everyone—We’re on a mission to actualise both forms of correspondence.

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We're on a mission to create and implement a digital one-world currency, with the capability for fast and easily traceable transfers including mass donations; to result in a seamlessly integrated global monetary system, complete financial inclusion, and prosperity for all—Don't be left behind.

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We're employing new technologies to build the next world market, based on an intelligent and fully harmonised global delivery system; whereby corruption and theft will be impossible since the transaction history for every transferable will be available online—From the smallest village to the largest city, everyone will have access; to buy, sell, donate or receive.


Dear Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerberg,

Dated: 19 April 2022
This is to let you know that on 19 April 2022, I couriered you a letter reminding you about this long outstanding matter. The letter consisted of two identical document packages; one addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and the other to the Chief Operating Officer. Both packages were successfully delivered on 20 April 2022. You can download a softcopy of that letter here.   

Please note that I reattached to the letter 
'The KAG Project Sale Proposal'; as you're aware, the 'sale proposal' lays open the lucrative nature of the mentioned 'high-tech business ecosystem'. I also reattached the report titled, "THE 'ALPHA CENTAURI PEOPLE' – [PLACING 'THE KAG PROJECT' INTO ITS COMPLETE CONTEXT]", which provides the human advancement basis for the 'high-tech business ecosystem' and further clarifies The KAG Project's comprehensive and unprecedented global transformation potential. 

Hoping to receive your response soon. 

Yours faithfully,

Signed on 19 April 2022:   J.G.M.K.K.

Joseph Kuria The Executive Project Manager, worldNEXT(LTD)

Dear Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerberg,
Dated: 9 March 2022

As a result of the disturbing events the Almighty God is allowing to happen and doing around the world presently, and also because of my concern for your continued wellbeing, I've decided to replace the two sale agreement versions I had attached to my 25 February 2022 letter with updated ones featuring total considerations of US$ 400,000 and US$ 600,000 respectively, as further explained here below. I couriered you a letter detailing these two final sale agreement versions and it was successfully delivered on 11 March 2022; you can download a softcopy of that letter here:

'The KAG Project Sale Agreement' [Amended 9 Mar. 2022] bears a total consideration of US$ 400,000; while 'The End of the Second Epoch R&D Rights Assignment Agreement' [Amended 9 Mar. 2022] bears a total consideration of US$ 600,000. The reason the second-mentioned agreement features a higher consideration is because if you bought the R&D rights on their own, I would proceed to establish the 'high-tech business ecosystem' myself as I explained in my 25 February 2022 letter

The rest of the 25 February 2022 letter's contents remain relevant, as maintained further below on this page, including the several approaches I had proffered via which you could conclude this matter. It's important that this letter is read together with the mentioned 25 February 2022 letter.

Finally, please note that these are bespoke agreement versions: if I'm going to approach other tech corporations, I'll be presenting to them 'The KAG Project Sale Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022], which has an asking price of US$ 9,250,000.

I've been praying over these world events, your wellbeing, and my wellbeing, but it's clear that the Almighty God is doing and abetting the very things He had promised would happen if His project will not make progress roughly as He has designed it—as worrying as these matters are, they can get much worse. For me, He had promised to destroy me completely if I don't succeed in pushing His project forward, and this is the reason why I'm planning to approach other tech corporations if I don't get a response from you soon; even though without your participation, the project wouldn't maintain its DNA:  

The AC People are in full attack mode as they try to bring about the nuclear-powered WW3 that the Almighty God didn't abet in 2020. They just needed to attack the mind of one human being to start the chain reaction that is now causing loss of life, destruction of property, and the multiplication of poverty and misery. They hope to draw more countries into the conflict, at a time when humankind was just beginning to recover from Covid-19. As for you, they're deceiving you that the Almighty God doesn't exist, that He is not a highly intelligent being, that it's alright to ignore the cautions He is sending to you through my letters, and that you'll suffer no punishment for failing to aid and to participate in His global transformation project. [As I laid out on my 30 November 2021 letter, it's very difficult to distinguish the AC People's input into your mind from your own natural thoughts: Though the Almighty God has trained me on this subject for 6 years, I still sometimes struggle before understanding what they're projecting onto my mind and what their intention would be].

Why is the Almighty God abetting and doing all these things? He is trying to get your attention, so you can support His project. At its maturity, the very factors the AC People use to cause conflicts around the world will not exist—from our multitude of borders and their corresponding national currencies, religions, gaping societal fractures, to our thousands of cultures and languages. Not to mention that the civilisation-wide hive mind that will result from the widespread use of mind-to-mind communication will completely cut them off from human minds, as I explained to you earlier.

Due to the concerns I've expressed in the foregoing text, I actually considered passing the 'high-tech business ecosystem' along with The End of the Second Epoch R&D rights to you for free; however, I find myself unable to do this because of the following situation: 

When the Almighty God brought me to Canada to receive His message, arriving here on Christmas day in 2015, I was forced to abandon my thriving Architectural cum Project Management practice and my career in general. I thereafter found myself languishing under refugee status for almost six years along with my family of 8 (including 4 young children), without easy access to many government services, until late last year when we were granted permanent residence. After my savings ran out almost 2 years ago, my family and my sickly 82-year-old mother back in Kenya have suffered greatly, yet I couldn't abandon the Almighty God's work midstream. [There's nothing I would love to do than to be able to wipe their tears, especially my mother, who is suffering with advanced type 2 diabetes.]

I look forward to receiving your response soon, either as per the text of this letter when read together with my 25 February 2022 correspondence, or as you may otherwise choose to conclude this matter. You can find a copy of my recently renewed Kenyan passport on the last page of today's letter. Additional personal info is available on the last 6 pages of 'The KAG Project Sale Proposal'.  

Yours faithfully,

Signed on 9 March 2022:   J.G.M.K.K.

Joseph Kuria The Executive Project Manager, worldNEXT(LTD)

Dear Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerberg,
Dated: 25 February 2022

This is to let you know that I've just completed preparing the documents necessary for the sale of the targeted aspects of 'The KAG Project' to any other willing tech corporation. From the text of 'The KAG Project Sale Proposal', those for-sale aspects have been configured and structured as a 'high-tech business ecosystem', based on a 3D digital Earth. As a courtesy, I've decided to bring to your attention the details of an additional sale agreement version that has arisen out of this process, as explained in the next 4 paragraphs. I couriered you a letter detailing this sale agreement version and it was successfully delivered on 2 March 2022—in addition, the letter contained several other approaches via which you could conclude this matter (as laid out on the rest of this page). You can download a softcopy of that letter here.

At the total consideration of US$ 9,250,000, 'The KAG Project Sale Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022] enables me to position the sale of the 'high-tech business ecosystem' along with the assignment of The End of the Second Epoch R&D rights to medium-to-large tech corporations without me acquiring any of their stake or stock:

In this scenario, the Smart City project and 'The Kingdom of the Almighty God' would be realised only with the future financial support of the tech corporation that would have bought the 'high-tech business ecosystem'. The kingdom would operate under a pseudonym as a social administration experiment; at the time of its launch, I would request the CEO of the company which would be undertaking the day-to-day operation of the 'high-tech business ecosystem' to be the global social administration's Founding Emperor. Among other duties, the emperor would ceremoniously proclaim and congratulate incoming Unicomm Admins, though they would have been identified as explained on pages 3 and 4 of The KAG Project Overview.  

If you bought the 'high-tech business ecosystem' under this arrangement and agreed to support the Smart City project and the establishment of 'The Kingdom of the Almighty God', or if you financially helped me to set up the business ecosystem myself via any of the approaches suggested on this page, you would become the Founding Emperor and 'The End of the Second Epoch' would commence post-launch marketing as soon as the kingdom would have entrenched irreversibly, most probably towards A.D. 2060. [Importantly, please note that you could schedule the establishment of the 'high-tech business ecosystem' as you may wish, even if this means starting its establishment several years down the road—also, you could customise its features as you may deem necessary, to fit it within the constraints of your overall business strategy. And of course you could set off the business ecosystem's public interface in 2D initially and also run ads. Similar flexibility would apply to the R&D into 'The End of the Second Epoch' inventions and innovations.]

Finally, this agreement version allows the settlement of the US$ 9,250,000 consideration to be spread out across 2 years, with the payment advisably taking the form of suitable company shares: it also permits the Buyer to be a mere agent, whom after settling the Initial Deposit would proceed to negotiate with and resell the 'high-tech business ecosystem' or reassign the R&D rights to one or more tech corporations and/or research teams. I would obviously remain on standby to provide further information and insights to the successful tech corporation and/or research teams as the case may be. The funds I would need to carry out the duties spelt out under item 5.0 of 'The KAG Project Sale Proposal' are not included or addressed within this agreement version. 

In your case, I would like to offer you additional flexibility because of the devastating, multifront, and never-ending punishment the Almighty God could serve you if you don't act to advance His project. You may therefore acquire both the 'high-tech business ecosystem' and The End of the Second Epoch R&D rights as packaged in 'The KAG Project Sale Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022] by paying whatever sum you're comfortable with, as long as it equals or exceeds the US$ 1,850,000 Initial Deposit. 

To help your possible conclusion of this matter even further, I've developed a bespoke agreement version titled, 'The End of the Second Epoch R&D Rights Assignment Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022], bearing a total consideration of US$ 3 million: 

This version enables you to purchase 'The End of the Second Epoch' R&D rights on their own, just in case you'll simply not take on board the 'high-tech business ecosystem'. But please note that if I'm going to approach other tech corporations, I would be presenting to them the agreement version incorporating both the 'high-tech business ecosystem' and 'The End of the Second Epoch' R&D rights, since it would be a lot easier to market this complete package, especially because the transaction would be likely to involve an agent.

If you bought 'The End of the Second Epoch' R&D rights on their own as presented above, I would proceed to establish the 'high-tech business ecosystem' on my own as per my earlier plans, initially in 2D before slowly migrating it to the 3D digital Earth within the coming 10 years. However, there would be several modifications to the business ecosystem; for example, I wouldn't be running any ads on any part of the
NEXT(LTD)  interface. Consequently, the plan would be to raise all revenue from the business activities of moneyNEXT(LTD) and marketNEXT(LTD). However, to support the many small businesspeople you would expect on the interface, we would add a link that would lead users directly to your ad centre, at every communityNEXT(LTD) personal homepage.

And although the attached 'The End of the Second Epoch R&D Rights Transfer Form' indicates that you may secure the R&D rights by paying less than the indicated US$ 3 million (as long as you settle at least the US$ 600,000 Initial Deposit), I hope you would kindly consider that I would be using those funds to set up the entire business ecosystem from scratch.


Still, if you're not inclined to approach this matter as presented in the foregoing text, you may proceed to acquire either the package comprising both the 'high-tech business ecosystem' and The End of the Second Epoch R&D rights, or the R&D rights on their own, by favouring me with a gift or by settling the sum as a consultancy retainer—whereby I would remain on standby to answer any questions and to offer insights or clarifications regarding any unclear aspects of the 'high-tech business ecosystem' and/or the innovations and inventions whose R&D rights are included in the sale. Regardless of the approach you might take, the Initial Deposit you settle would indicate to me if you're interested in the package comprising the 'high-tech business ecosystem' and The End of the Second Epoch R&D rights (Initial Deposit US$ 1,850,000 approximately), or if you're interested in the R&D rights on their own (Initial Deposit US$ 600,000 approximately).

On the other hand, if you gifted me a one-off amount that is not approximately equal to any of the indicated Initial Deposits, I would take this as a signal that you're in a position to handle neither the 'high-tech business ecosystem' nor the R&D into 'The End of the Second Epoch' inventions and innovations, either presently or in the future. In which case I would seek to establish the business ecosystem myself as described above; as for the said R&D, I would incorporate these into the business and research activities of
NEXT(LTD), although the R&D would be unlikely to make much progress within the coming 10 years, since it would be wiser to invest most initial capital into the 'high-tech business ecosystem'.  

Personally, I'm very fearful of the Almighty God, having interacted with Him quite intimately for more than 6 years. As He caused me to write at the last paragraph of page 118 of The End of the Second Epoch, it's He who helped you to establish your present business, and He has impeccably protected it from all manner of attacks, including the ones you are unaware of. He created you to be a 'startup king' so He can guide you into uncharted territory where anyone depending purely on human knowledge wouldn't dare to go. If you aid His project as requested above, He will pour out His knowledge all over again so you may excel in 3D internet, in a fashion that would dwarf your great success in 2D internet—additionally, He would begin to prepare you to succeed in the next big thing after 3D internet: mind-to-mind communication, which will be the ultimate form of human correspondence. When He is present in your life, the hardest endeavours can seem surprisingly easy, but once He turns against you, He could introduce unanticipated danger right into your daily routine tasks.
Just like with the earlier sale agreement versions, you wouldn't necessarily have to reach out to me or to circulate your signed copy of the agreement; the quoted
Article 12 below permits the execution of the agreements electronically and in counterparts. I've executed my counterpart (both electronically and on paper), and I suggest that you execute your counterpart and retain the executed copy(ies) for your records. All you would need to do thereafter is to make the applicable Initial Deposit as suitable company shares in accordance with either Articles 8 and 9 of 'The KAG Project Sale Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022] or Articles 5 and 6 of 'The End of the Second Epoch R&D Rights Assignment Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022]:


This Agreement may be signed electronically and in counterparts, with all such counterparts constituting a single agreement between the parties. If the dates set forth at the end of this document are different, this Agreement is to be considered effective as of the date that both parties have signed it, which may be the later date.

In a situation where I end up establishing the 'high-tech business ecosystem' myself, the Smart City project would commence as soon as funds are available to purchase the required 5,000 acres of suitable land via treaty. Before The End of the Second Epoch starts circulating (if you'll be involved in the entire kingdom project), the Smart City project would be understood as an experiment in social administration, where societal decisions would be undertaken as explained on pages 3 and 4 of The KAG Project Overview, including the identification and continuous reviewing of community, city, Cluscomm, and Unicomm admins. And not a single societal decision would fall outside the orbit of social administration; not even criminal trials, where all members of the affected community would contribute their 'opinions and observations' online as a 'jury', before a trained judge makes the final determination, only that the judge would be guided by the Truth as opposed to the present-day's legal technicality and jargon.

As a tech hub on the leading edge of technological advancement, the Smart City would in addition be a suitable environment for the testing of emerging technologies such as those to do with mind-to-mind communication and skin-inserted microtechnology—apart from communication, skin-inserted microtechnology will be found useful in wide-ranging applications, relating for example to health and personal finance management.

The Almighty God will guide His project to unimaginable success, leading to countless other geo-located communities around the world copying the social administration experiment; from the mode of identification of the social administration's leaders, the Truth-based social justice system, the Smart City's amazing physical infrastructure, to the 3D digital Earth's currency, which will be the Smart City's sole legal tender. And therefore in the years to come, virtually every human being will be a user of the many features and services that will be offered by the 'high-tech business ecosystem'. 

I've been trying to link up with you for more than 2 years without success, and without you showing any interest in The KAG Project. Consequently, if you don't respond as requested above soon, I'll be left with no option but to sell The KAG Project to another tech corporation, even though this would mean that the Almighty God's global transformation project wouldn't implement in accordance with His design. If you're going to continue defying the Almighty God, there is nothing I could do about it other than to do my best to advance His project, even if in a modified form. I'm praying for you daily because the Almighty God's punishment can be devastating: He withdraws His protection and visits punishment to the defiant up to their fourth generations, regarding relatively insignificant transgressions, when contrasted with being the sole cause of failure of a project of this importance, which He has been planning for more than two thousand years. He's normally kind and full of love but once He gets angry and frustrated, He becomes the Fire that burns other fires. 

Look carefully at this cloth the Almighty God has been weaving for millennia: He invites you to help Him paint it with the brightest colours you could imagine. He had provided the paint and the brushes. But upon arriving at the scene, you sat on the tub of paint and proceeded to cut off 2 years from His cloth, using the sword He had given you to fight off His enemies. And you're now holding that little rug to His face. And so like King David in the Holy Tanakh, He will punish both you and your subjects. Because He is God, He predicted your behaviour and started the punishment soon after His message went out, when 'The End of the Second Epoch' got published in late September 2019. From looking the other way as the AC People visit their evil on us, to allowing the earth to belch, sweat, catch fire, flood with the tears of a sad mother, smell awful, look ugly, and be sickening—He mostly punishes by abetting evil, and this round of punishment will end only after His project makes irreversible progress. Before then, disease, poverty, natural disasters, chaos, violence, wars and rumours of war will continue to multiply. You now know God and you know Satan, you know good and you know evil. In fact, you're only the second human being to know the true nature of God and to appreciate exactly who Satan is: the two great forces bearing upon humanity. 

Finally, if despite the flexibility I've brought to the table and the patience I've shown for the past two years you're still not interested in The KAG Project, I trust that you will not now or in the future use or discuss with anyone any of the ideas that have come your way as I sought your financial help and attempted to sell the project to you. This way, I would be in a position to approach an alternative buyer with all the project ideas still intact, noting that such a buyer would obviously be seeking to defend each and every of the project ideas from misuse globally. (Besides, I believe you wouldn't want the Almighty God to accuse you of not only failing to sew back the little rug you cut off with a sword but also going as far as slashing the rest of His cloth into countless pieces.) 

Furthermore, in accordance with the quote below from 'The KAG Project Sale Agreement'
[Amended 25 Feb. 2022], I would be obliged to fully disclose to such an alternative buyer the numerous occasions I've written to you hoping to secure project funds or to sell certain aspects of The KAG Project


The Seller hereby confirms that the Seller has given the Buyer a full disclosure regarding any prior attempts to fundraise for or to sell any aspect of 'The KAG Project', whether configured as a business or otherwise.

Yours faithfully,

Signed on 25 February 2022:   J.G.M.K.K.

Joseph Kuria The Executive Project Manager, worldNEXT(LTD)

As per the quoted Article 7 below, if I received an Initial Deposit in accordance with 'The KAG Project Sale Agreement' [Amended 25 Feb. 2022], I would be obliged to permanently unpublish this website and not to make any further public or private references to [1] any aspect of the 'high-tech business ecosystem', [2] my relationship with the successful Buyer, or [3] 'The KAG Project' in general:

The Seller and the Seller's witness, taken together, shall not disclose any part or aspect of this Agreement to a third party.

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