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Despite our multitudes of self-declared spiritual fools, every human remains essentially a spirit being: Each member of this generation spiritually understands that the global millennial kingdom is here. And what is that cling-clang noise? It is the kingdom mints churning out the borderless currency. When the Messiah came to tout the millennial kingdom, 2,000 years ago, religion and state formed a doubles team and murdered him. And they will hope for a rerun, but this time round, he has come to govern, not to suffer.

     In a once-in-millennia phenomenon, the Almighty God and angels Michael and Gabriel have unfurled a shocking revelation to the author of this book: The 1,000-year-long third spiritual epoch starts in 2020. The Messiah, Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, stands ready to set up the decreed global kingdom, but the biblical Book of Revelation beast, President Donald Trump, and the evil spiritual forces allied to him, will try to thwart Christ. 

     The meaning of the ‘mark of the beast’ (666); the fall of national borders and human governments; the demise of religion; global warming and pollution; the cataclysmic breakup of the earth; the future of humankind; extraterrestrial living in succinct details; the true nature of God, the angels, Jesus Christ, and Satan—the topics the revelation delves into answer the very questions that have always vexed humanity. 

     Inside this enthralling yet simply written book, humankind will at last grasp the spirit, and discover her place in the expansive cosmic reality.


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