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My Personal Message to the Messiah  

Dated: October 3, 2021

Dear Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerberg,
NOTICE: On October 17, 2021, I completed drawing up a revised and partially executed agreement titled, "Assignment of ‘The End of the Second Epoch’ R&D Rights". This document replaces the earlier Copyright Assignment Agreement along with its Addendum 1, and enables me to assign the targeted R&D rights without including the transfer of the book copyright in the transaction (You can download a copy of this document here). Please read this page all the way to the bottom; there is a significant October 5 update concerning directorship. This website will permanently unpublish as soon as I receive some initial funding.

The purpose of this letter is to confirm the assignment of ‘The End of the Second Epoch’ R&D Rights to you, and to paint a clearer picture of the route the establishment of The KAG Public Interface will take; I couriered you a hardcopy letter containing the complete details, along with the latest copy of The KAG Project Overview, and it was successfully delivered on October 11, 2021 (You can download an exact copy of that letter here).

Regarding the establishment of The KAG Public Interface, the need has arisen for a dramatic change in implementation strategy, due to the fact that I couldn't raise any project funds:

I now plan to register a holding company with a name like
ONEworld at Companies House in the UK; the company's broad vision will be along the lines of: 'Employing technology to transform human governance—From societal management by means of political rulership to societal functioning based on social administration'. I'll be the holding company's only director up to the point when it will be deemed appropriate for the other kingdom founders to come on board, when the company would be ready to start operating as the initially intended global kingdom.

To start off, kBase will incorporate within this holding company; its mission will be understood as: 'To develop and demonstrate the technological tools and approaches needed to transform human governance—From societal management by means of political rulership to societal functioning based on social administration'. Within this mission will be a business strategy based on the generation of ad revenue; leveraged on kBase's diversified geo-located communities, Cluscomms, and Unicomms. Scaleup milestones will be marked by the launch of the Humanese Initiative, Omega Xpress, and kMart; with the kingdom secretariats being created after the other founders would have come on board. However, before Omega Xpress can launch, alpha¬Omega will first need to fully operationalise in the background, and the extensive Fintech and blockchain work and testing required for this to happen should start as soon as possible.
My move to the UK will be via the 'Innovator Visa' route. To be granted an 'Innovator Visa', the applicant must possess a new and innovative business idea; additionally, they must receive an endorsement letter from one of the 'Home Office' approved 'endorsing bodies'. I've had fruitful initial discussions with my chosen 'endorsing body': they're indeed very excited about this idea and they'll issue me a formal endorsement once I furnish them with a professionally crafted business plan, and attend their 8-week in-person business mentorship programme.

Initial analysis indicates that a seed investment in the region of US$ 5,860,000 would be adequate to set the business into full operation. With the ongoing re-positioning, business income will play the leading role in fuelling this entity into sustainable growth, possibly coupled with suitable business loans.


Assignment of ‘The End of the Second Epoch’ R&D Rights

Considering the transformative impact effective R&D into the innovations detailed within this document can have on human life, it's crucial that the commencement of this R&D is not delayed much longer—I therefore request you to commission this R&D as soon as possible. I'll continue to be available to provide further information and additional insights as may be required. And please note that I've transferred these R&D rights to you free of charge; therefore, any support you might extend to The KAG Public Interface now or in the future will be purely voluntary. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy all the rights a buyer would have benefited from, including the accrual of intellectual property and the right to commercialize the R&D.  

Finally, I kindly request you to facilitate the above noted seed funds either as company shares or otherwise, so that further delays to the implementation of 
The KAG Public Interface can be avoided. You can give more or less than the required US$ 5,860,000 depending on what you're comfortable with; also, you can give in instalments, but please note that about US$ 565,000 is needed to get the business rolling. During the past 5 years, I've dedicated most of my time and resources to this project (including the book), and for this reason, I'm not in a position to raise any of these seed funds myself. The Updated Settlement Information is available here.

**PS: Despite the import of the fourth paragraph on this page, if you're in a position to bring on board a suitable individual or corporate co-director at any point before the company converts into the initially intended global kingdom (including presently when the company is still at the pre-formation stage), I would welcome this. Further, I give you my undertaking that I would allocate such a co-director a seventh of the company's shareholding, on the understanding that they would facilitate the required US$ 5,860,000 seed investment, which they may provide in instalments (in the form of suitable company shares or otherwise). And unless I'm subsequently advised to the contrary, I'll assume that the individual or corporate entity that settles the initial instalment(s) amounting to at least US$ 565,000 would be your referred co-director—I would transfer to them the promised shareholding as soon as I receive their necessary identification papers. As for you, you're free to come on board at any time you may choose (see your Shareholding Promissory Note here). And just before the company converts into the initially intended global kingdom, we should welcome five other suitable co-directors, to make a total of seven. These seven directors will be the kingdom founders, and each will be allocated a seventh of the company's shareholding regardless of their respective contribution, be it financial or otherwise. Furthermore, the directors will be expected to be fully committed to the global transformation agenda above all other considerations.  From the beginning, all directors will be salaried, since the company will not pay out dividends (100% of the profits will be reinvested).

All the matters above will be captured in the company's memorandum and articles of association, among many others; specifically, apart from myself, a director will not be able to transfer their shareholding to external parties, with all such shareholding reverting to the company in the unfortunate event of a director separating from the company.    

For your ease of reference, I couriered you a single package containing the 4 documents that are linked around this page; it's scheduled for delivery on Thursday, October 21, 2021. These documents incorporate all the information necessary for the setup of the proposed company, and for the implementation of The KAG Project in general—You can also access them by clicking the OneDrive link below:!Aqxd3VAceFNzgY9KGgHAaItrR21AmQ?e=BRABlm

May the Almighty God continue to bless the work of your hands.

Yours faithfully,

Signed on October 3, 2021:   J.G.M.K.K.

Joseph Kuria

The Executive Project Manager, The KAG Public Interface