I urgently need funds to set up and operate The KAG Public Interface, without which The Kingdom of the Almighty God (KAG) cannot become a reality. This interface will be based largely on some ground-breaking but previously unpublished portions of my revelation. You can learn more at the home page.


In big picture terms, however, this project's objective is to bring about a prosperous and borderless global kingdom exactly as I saw it evolve in the revelation: from nothing to the most transformative thing in human history.


I hope to raise at least US$ 45 million, which will also help with the penetration of this message to a global audience, noting that billions around the world will not fully appreciate this revelation before it is translated into their languages or distributed cost-free. Click on the button below to donate via GoFundMe®:

Well-wishers can contact me privately on WhatsApp @ +1 416-890-0403