The author was born in Kenya, where he practised architecture for 18 years. He received a revelation from the Almighty God and angels Michael and Gabriel between May 2016 and December 2018. This book expounds that revelation.


"President Trump is the False Messiah who professes to bring previously unachievable peace to the Western Empire entirely on his own, from the Middle East, Afghanistan, Korean Peninsula, Japan, China, Iran, Russia, to Venezuela. A fake Christ, he will purport to deliver his race from the upcoming ‘kingdom pollution’ by segregating it behind an unbreachable wall—his only claim to prophethood." - Chapter 7, page 171

"As this global turmoil persisted, the Messiah picked up a piece of white paper and read a sentence from it which redefined money: He gave it another name. I did not grasp the technical terms he used, but Angel Gabriel informed me that the redefined money would be an international currency. I later saw it flying around in the shape of a golden eagle, erasing national borders in its wake.

Though the ‘mark of the beast’ had seemed beyond intimidation, when it met Christ’s currency for the final battle at the Germany-France border, cheered on by one of its cousins, they were both blown off by the turbulence emanating from the wings of the golden eagle, before the battle could begin. After the eagle landed triumphantly, I was able to read some inscriptions on its legs: On one leg, ‘Jesus the Messiah’; on the other, ‘The Lord’s Treasury'." - Chapter 7, page 185

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