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The Origin of The KAG Public Interface

The KAG Public Interface originates directly from Joseph Kuria's May 2016 to May 2019 revelation, as expounded in his book, The End of the Second Epoch. Below are the chapter opening pull-quotes from this book. 
The End of the Second Epoch, introduction
"Owing to the novel nature of this work, I have used some unfamiliar terms: Spirit angels, unlike cosmic angels, are without physical bodies. The revelation led me to use the term cosmozens to refer to the numberless spirit-driven bodily beings inhabiting the cosmos. Think of the Spirit Universe as the ordered existence of ‘spirit matter’ and energy; obviously, these two are part and parcel of the popularly imagined universe, beyond which nothing can exist."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 1
"The Bible tells us that within four ‘days’, the Almighty God positioned the then formless and empty Earth to receive optimal energy from the sun, set it spinning on its axis to partition day from night, spurred it into a tilting motion around the sun to create seasons, and caused its waters to gather into depressions to reveal dry land, sprouting with all kinds of vegetation. Were these calendar days? One of the notable aspects of my revelation is that these were not calendar days, and they were not even equal. For instance, regarding terrestrial creation work, God is still on Day 7, resting from His earthly travail."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 2
"Neither the Almighty God nor the angel suggested a suitable human name for that wonderful spiritual software; I decided to call it the Spirit of God, or SoG. While the soul gives the human body life, SoG powers the soul and connects us to God, the angels, and the great spiritual consciousness pervading the cosmos, imparting to us intellectual ability, and giving us the opportunity to access transformational extraterrestrial knowledge."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 3
"The Second Epoch is ending when the world is in a Western civilisation chokehold. People from societies that are not yet fully under her intoxicating influence are considered losers, and many will risk life and limb to be under her umbrella. In cahoots with her husband, the Western Empire, she is the god of this world. Together, they have devoured at birth any child they suspected would grow up to challenge them, ever since their childhood in Ancient Greece. Under these circumstances, only the Almighty God can bring up an alternative civilisation."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 4
"And the same is true with our worldly truths and lies. Telling a truth intending to hurt someone is sinful: Uttering an untruth for the greater good, as opposed to evil selfish gain, is righteous. Unlike the Truth, which is not relative but an absolute spiritual good, some of our worldly truths can sting like bees and injure like a thousand swords."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 5
"We are blind to well over 99 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum—gamma rays, radio waves, X-rays, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, microwaves. Yet X-rays will peer through your flesh to reveal an image of your fractured bone; microwaves will warm your frozen dinner; and radio waves will deliver a message of the unspeakable violence approaching your village, deep in the African countryside, following a military coup in the city. Often, what we cannot see is more real than what we can. And nowhere is this truer than regarding the reality of the Spirit Universe."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 6
"The spirit-driven beings He has enabled to travel the cosmos, be they cosmic angels or those closer to us in spiritual and technological development, do not pollute. Were they to visit Earth and set up a crude oil refinery, the project’s greatest budget item would probably be entered as ‘zero-pollution assurance’. Nothing would end up where they did not find it, even if that means returning some of the refinery’s by-products right back into the earth’s bosom."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 7
"When we arrived in present-day India, He requested me to record carefully what I saw. Like the USA, India no longer existed as a political entity. Instead, numerous administrative units had arisen out of her; they functioned as non-political states within the global kingdom. And they had achieved a miraculous transformation. Their cities glittered with the glory of God. Then I noticed something odd: Vehicles drove on the right-hand side of the road. “It is not just in these states,” the Almighty God apprised me, “All traffic in my kingdom is driving on the right. When we arrive in Britain, you will confirm for yourself."
The End of the Second Epoch, Chapter 8
"Our money, in its various forms, attempts to grade people in terms of worthiness and worthlessness. It is therefore a loud expression of poverty and scarcity. If the Almighty God managed to enforce perfect love among humankind, the result would be all-round prosperity, and money would evolve to its extinction. This was the case in paradise, and as a result, money, either as a concept or reality, was unknown."
The End of the Second Epoch-Joseph Kuria
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